FFA places eighth in Poultry Judging Contest

Julianna Poe, Copy editor

Over the past three months, five Manhattan High FFA members — sophomores Cade Carson and Tessarae Harris, junior Lauren Walradt and seniors Ayden Boyles and Elise Jackson — have been preparing for a Poultry Judging Contest. The contest was held on March 6 from 9:00 to 1:15 a.m. at Riley County High.

Students practiced in various ways, including looking at cuts of poultry.

“I [prepared] by watching videos and taking quizzes at lunchtime,” Carson said.

At the contest, MHS FFA participants judged categories such as eggs and live chickens.

“We reviewed and identified various types of poultry ranging from live birds to further processed meat such as chicken nuggets,” Harris said. “There was also a test portion where your knowledge of bird production and the poultry industry was tested,”

On of the top of individual portion of the contest, there was a team portion as well. According to Carson and Walradt, this was notably students’ favorite part of the event.

“I think my favorite part was the team activity,” Walradt said. “We were given a scenario [over the production of boilers]. We had to analyze that scenario and answer questions.”

MHS FFA students placed eighth out of 25 teams. Carson scored 399 and placed 25 out of about 100 participants, meeting his goal of placing in the top 50.

Overall, the team had a wonderful time and gained valuable knowledge about poultry.

“Being able to spend the day with my team [was a great experience],” Harris said. “Whenever we are together it’s just a good time and we always have a lot of fun.”