Junior class Student Council prepares for prom

Sophia Comas, Sports Editor

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While most students go about preparing for an event such as prom in the usual manner of buying a dress or asking their date, juniors in Student Council must prepare in a different way. As the hosts of prom, they must fund, plan and set up prom in ways that the rest of the school will enjoy.

Currently StuCo is divided into six committees that will divide and conquer different areas of preparation: indoor design, outdoor design, chaperones, catering, parent volunteers and bleachers.

“We’re pretty much like a big team,” Mbofo Ndou, junior secretary said. “Basically, we all help each other out in the process… we’ll kind of like interchange ideas and share ideas.”

To fund such a large event, the junior class has had to do a significant amount of fundraising, a process they start their sophomore year and continue throughout their time as juniors. Currently, they are selling stickers for $2 a piece and will continue to raise more money through the purchasing of prom tickets and their funds from running the concession stands.

According to junior class sponsor Dustin Duntz, each committee has a soft budget of $1,000, making the overall budget for the prom $6,000. However, the group has no intention of spending that much.

“Each committee is kind of responsible for how they spend the money that they’re given,” Duntz said. “There’s some committees like bleachers that don’t spend anything… so if a couple committees spend more than that, then that’s fine.”

Duntz also says that it’s more likely the class will spend closer to $5,000 and the division of money between the committees is meant to maintain an equal budget for each.

While their budget is set to a specific amount, the overall amount of money the class has accumulated over the years is unknown to them. Because they are unaware of the specifics, they’ve set their budget to a number they know for certain in reasonable within their account.

“There’s just one account that’s a class account for each class and it usually has a lot more money in it than what we spend on prom,” Duntz said. “We just kind of by for prom what the people want to buy for prom and there’s usually plenty of money. We don’t have to worry about going for it.”

Whatever money isn’t spent on prom will remain within the class account up until they graduate. Usually, that amount exceeds how much that class can spend within their time at MHS.

“The senior class has $11,000 in their account right now and that’s what they had left over,” Duntz said. “I don’t know how much the juniors have. It’s hard to tell because the the way the money is put in there with the concession stand money and stuff.”

The leftover money will go toward the senior brunch and the senior gift, but it’s still fully expected that not all of the money will spent before the class graduates. With cases such as those, the money still remains within the class account and is reserved for future events such as reunions.

Besides the financial aspects of prom, the individual committees are finalizing their plans, working out any kinks that may still remain.

“Each committee has their own set of to do lists left,”  Macy Hendricks, junior representative, said. “We have somethings left we need to buy and make and you just keep chipping away at it.”

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