MHS girls soccer jumps into games right after break

Aloera Ostermann, Staff Writer

The Manhattan High girls soccer team dominated their opponents on their first road game, beating the lady Vikings at Seaman 4-0. With the game being so early, the players took extra care to be at practice over spring break, coming back strong to jump straight into their regular season schedule.

“There was a lot of pressure on each individual just because it was our first game and we all wanted to do good and win together,” senior Graycn Evans said.

After their triumph over Seaman the ladies quickly shifted their focus to Junction City. They had one day of practice before facing the Blue Jays and beating them 9-0. Going into the game the girls expected to win but they used the opportunity to help them prepare for some more challenging games.

“Junction really helped us work on our communication and movement on the field in preparation for how we had to play against Blue Valley West,” Evans said.

After winning their first two regular season games with ease the girls had to shift their focus before facing Blue Valley West. With only a single practice between JC and BVW the girls made extra sure to use each minute the had to prepare.

“Each practice has a certain level of pressure and intensity in it to keep pushing each other and making each other better,” Evans said.

In their match up with BVW the Indians ended up losing 0-2. They fought hard the entire match but just couldn’t keep up with the opponents. The Indians plan to take the loss in stride and use it as a learning experience.

“The game helped us learn what we need to fix and what we need to improve,” Evans said  

The seniors for the year are making sure to step into their roles as leaders of the team. Working on improving their own skills each day and helping those around them do the same.

“Since I’m a senior I want to do my best for my team,” Evans said. “[I want to] be a leader they can look up to.”