Makenna Wollenberg, Assistant Photo Editor

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Joshua Brandt


  • Wind Ensemble
  • Marching Band
  • Bassoon


What inspired you to play bassoon?

“I saw a video of a dude playing the ‘Grandfather Themed’ from ‘Peter and the Wolf’ on bassoon, and it was really cool. Also, I knew I wanted to play an instrument that no one else could play, so I chose bassoon.”


How long have you participated in band?

“I’ve participated in band since the sixth grade, which is six years in total band.”


Why do you keep pursuing playing bassoon?

“I keep playing bassoon because I love it’s unique sound. Also I keep playing bassoon because it’s such a fun instrument to learn. There are so many different keys, and it’s important to know all their functions.”


Do you want a career in music?

“I’m not sure if I’ll end up in a music career, but I will definitely play bassoon in college.”


What honor bands do you participate in?

“I’ve been in lots of honor bands, including the state band and orchestra groups.”


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