Annual Salute to Broadway event canceled

Kaitlin Clark, Print Editor-in-Chief

During this time of the year, Manhattan High’s Drama department usually focuses on both their spring production and their annual Salute to Broadway performance, but this year, the latter has been canceled. Salute to Broadway was originally planned to take place tonight.

Salute to Broadway was originally an opportunity for students to perform scenes or songs from Broadway shows, but the Drama department would have to pay for the rights to these shows. In the past, the performance has gone on anyway, but this year, it was too great of a concern.

A variety show was set to replace Salute to Broadway that could include all the arts, but due to time constraints, this too was put aside. The department hopes to host the variety show next year.

To make up for the cancellation of Salute to Broadway, the Drama department has added another coffeehouse event in April where people can perform for a group.

The Drama department’s next event will be the upcoming spring play, “The Crucible.”