Softball sweeps at Junction City

Hannah Heger, Features Editor

The Manhattan High softball team had a rocky start to their season with both a loss and a win, but they’re quickly picking themselves back up through a double header win against Junction City, who they played on April 6. Their success follows a loss against Andover, 8-12, and a win against Great Bend, 5-4.

Well, it went really well. We were able to win both games and we were pretty much in control of both games the whole time,” head coach Connie Miller said. “We played really well because [during] our first game, we hit a lot better than… we did our second game, but we still did a lot of a lot of good things. I feel pretty good about it. “

The Lady Indians were in the lead for the first game with a score of 11-0.

The first game we played really great as a team. Our hitting and fielding was in sinc,” Allie Grant, senior, said. “Then our next game didn’t go as planned but we stuck together as a team and got through it.”

The second game against Junction City finished the double header with the Lady Indians with their second win with a score of 6-3.

“We allowed ourselves to settle and didn’t do as good hitting and fielding,” Grant said. “But we kept our heads up and finished as a team.”

With many freshmen on the team, the Lady Indians have a hard season to work for.

“We’ve got several freshmen that are playing for us this year, in some pretty key positions and, they played really well today,” Miller said. ”We’re asking a lot of them. And they’ve so far they stepped up and really produced. So I’m very, I’m very happy with that.”

Even with well playing freshman the team still has room for improvement as a whole.

“Our goal is to just improve at each outing, to be sharper with our defensive efforts, take care of the ball, and hit, continuing to focus on being aggressive and hitting,” Miller said. “So our hope is to really improve on that that the hitting aspects of things and be more consistent in in hitting the ball for for an entire you know, seven inning game.”

The Lady Indians will face off against Rossville at their home opener this afternoon at 4 p.m., then face off against Topeka High at 4 p.m. Friday at home.