Athlete of the Week

Sophia Comas, Sports Editor

Marleigh Hutchinson




  • Transferred from Junior Varsity to strictly a Varsity player in the game against Washburn Rural on April 4



What has your season been like so far?

“I think for our season it’s been ok. We haven’t had the successes we’ve wanted but hopefully we’ll get better by finding ourselves and finding our identities as a team and just working together to get back to where we want to be.”


What do you think still needs to be worked on?

“I think again it’s just down to finding our identity as a team and working to fill in the gaps we had a lot of seniors leaving last year so we’ve had to work harder to keep up.”


Have you found that a lot of the underclassmen have needed to step up due to injury?

“Yeah a lot of the underclassmen have had to step up and it’s just what we’ve needed to do hopefully win more and build ourselves up as a team.”


What goals do you have for the rest of the season?

“I think a team goal for everyone is just getting to state and playing our best throughout the entire season.”