‘The Act’ Proves Heartbreaking, Suspenseful Stories.

Makenna Wollenberg, Assistant Photo Editor

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Hulu just released a truly based television show “The Act.” The three episodes released with more episodes to come show Gypsy Rose Blanchard played by actor Joey King who is a young ill girl who is taken care of by her over protective mother Dee Dee Blanchard played by Actor Patricia Arquette. The two moved to a home built for them after Hurricane Katrina. They lost everything leaving Gypsy’s medical issues a mystery to her new doctor who starts the story of how protective Dee Dee can be over her daughter.

The show can be confusing if you don’t pay attention. It flips between the present and past to tell the story behind a murder. Even though the story is true there are parts that are overly dramatic for entertainment purposes, so it is important to do your research behind the real Gypsy Rose Blanchard. You will find out what the story is about by your research but it is a good thing to know and keep in mind. It will help you to keep watching and learn about people’s mental issues that we don’t think about everyday and how bad things do happen everyday. Just like the true story Dee Dee lies a lot about Gypsy for reasons we do not know yet. She keeps her private life hidden so well the only person so suspects suspicious activity is Gypsys new doctor. The Blanchard new neighbors they are slowly growing closer to even believe the lies Dee Dee tells them about her daughter.

This show is very informative about what can happen behind closed doors. There are many things we don’t see, so we don’t always believe them because our eyes did not process it. The story of the Blanchard family is definitely an example of why we should not judge people for what they say happens to them. I feel that most people aren’t believed when they try to get help. It then leads to bad things such as murder shown in “The Act.” It even shows how mentally disabled and isolated people think. Gypsy is isolated from the world and only knows what her mother tells her and what she has found online. This makes her love life with a guy she meets very stressful aside from her mom.

In the last released episode Gypsy finds out how old she really is. She is not a young girl at all and has been lied to and does not know why. She finds this out because her mother has screwed up the year Gypsy was born. That scene makes you wonder what her moms thought process is like. Gypsy then runs off to find her hospitalized lover. Then is found by her mother and then we are left to wonder what will happen to Gypsy.

Even though the floating thought of the story being true is kind of haunting the story is very addicting, and told very well I am excited for the new episode release. I will definitely keep watching to find out how Gypsy life turns out. Thanks to the trailer we know it can’t be good.

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