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Audrey Parish



  • Parish is learning how to play the Viola and has been playing the piano since she was seven years old.


How did you get into orchestra?

“I started playing the violin in fifth grade.”


What drives you to keep playing?

“The thing that keeps me playing is just the fact that it’s been such a comfort to me. I have had to move so many times in my life because I’m a military child and a few times when I have moved it felt like my entire world was being taken away. Everything really except my music because I was able to bring it with me. Everywhere I go my music experience has been so different, and taught me different skills and has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow. Also, it’s been just so amazing learning to find and play the emotion in music.”


Do you want this to be a career?

“I have thought about making it a career for sure. But I still haven’t decided because I know that it is very competitive and it is also often difficult to make a living on.”


Is there anyone who inspires you?

“I think the person who inspired me the most was actually a stranger. I heard him play when I was living in Germany about a year ago. My family was on a trip in Italy when we went to go see a quintet play ‘The Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi. There was a cello player in the group who I paid attention to the most because of the way he played was fascinating. He moved and played with the music like he was telling a story. Every note was so beautiful. As I listened to him I felt so many different emotions racing through me. I could feel the music telling me a story. It was incredible. He inspired me to practice my violin in a new way. To not just hear or play the music but to feel it.”


What is your favorite part about being in orchestra?

“My favorite part about orchestra is probably the bonds you make with people when you play. When you hear or play with someone it’s like you get a chance to hear a part of their inner selves.”


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