Headlight Rivals sign record label for new album

Sophia Comas, Sports Editor

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Manhattan is known for a lot of different things, but local music isn’t one a lot of people recognize. In Manhattan High, it’s even less popular. However, one of the school’s very own is breaking musical boundaries by releasing an EP they hope will expand to new levels.

Eric Kleiner, one of the school’s security workers, has been working with his band “Headlight Rivals” on a new album, which they plan on releasing in October. Having just signed a record label, the group is pleased with where they are in terms of progress.

“We’re kind of doing what we want right now,” Kleiner said. “Of course, getting to play overseas and getting paid for that would be awesome at some point too.”

The goal behind their music is to make it meaningful, putting an emphasis on the writing and poetry behind producing a sound they call “intellelctual rock.”

“[Our goal is] something that has more substance, more than just music,” Kleiner said. “Maybe not different from what’s on the radio but something that is meaningful, that means something to more people than just songs you’re sharing at a club like dance songs or something like that.”

As for how he got into music, Kleiner can credit his childhood where he grew up surrounded by support and constant practice. According to sister and teacher Kristal Kleiner, he used to play in their parents’ garage all the time.

“It’s partially my fault because I was a really good big sister who took him to a lot of concerts when he was little,” Kristal said. “Our parents always took us to concerts too, so music has always been a part of our lives.”

She also said that they also used to play for the MHS orchestra when they were students as well as at Eisenhower Middle School when Greg Hoyt was principal.

As for what happens next for “Headlight Rivals,” finishing their record and touring the country as a full-time band is the ultimate goal.

“We’ve kind of already done a lot of what want to do,” Eric said. “[We plan to] just keep touring all over the states and do that like every other band does.”

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