FFA celebrates with friends at banquet cookout

Julianna Poe, Copy editor

After a school year full of multiple accomplishments, FFA settled down for fellowship, fancy food and fantastic fun.

This informal banquet was held from on Saturday at Pottawatomie County State Lake 2.

“Our goals … were to celebrate being together and [to] start to celebrate the end of the year [as well as] to take time to enjoy each other’s company,” Elissa Mullinix, FFA sponsor, said.

Everyone brought something to eat. Foods such as grilled hot dogs, homemade cookies, cheesy potatoes, corn casserole, pastas, chips, fruits, vegetables and more filled the air and the students’ growling stomachs.

FFA members enjoyed activities such as hammocking, games and a campfire which they roasted s’mores over and remembered fond FFA memories together.

“We had the campfire and food and then I brought some hammocks and a few people brought yard games,” sophomore Tessarae Harris, FFA chapter sentinel, said. “Mrs. Mullinix actually brought her younger children so I ended up playing tag for an hour. Originally we had planned on bringing canoes but it ended up being a little too chilly.”

Despite not being able to canoe, students greatly appreciated the time they spent together.

“Some of us brought hammocks to lay in,” junior Ryane Stipe, FFA chapter secretary, said. “We lit a campfire and we played games with Mrs. Mullinix’s children too. It was pretty windy, but we made the most of it.”

In addition, communication was notably something that FFA wished to improve on. Due to miscommunication, some students were late.

“Communication is always something that we would strive to do better in particular,” Mullinix said, “ … and that is a goal for us going forward, to be better communicators.”

All in all, this cookout was agreebly one for the books.

“[I loved] hanging out with all of my FFA friends and just being able to have a night where I am able to laugh and just have a good time,” Harris said.