Artist of the Week

Makenna Wollenberg, Assistant Photo Editor

Nathan Pickands



This year Pickands is a Thespians officer. He also plays plays percussion for marching band and symphonic band.


What do you love about drama?

What I love most about drama is being able to feel like I’m apart of a community. The sense of friendship and support when you’re doing things that you might not always be comfortable with is really inspiring.


How did you get into drama?

I originally got into it while I was living in England. I tried it out because I wanted to be more open and confident in myself. It definitely helped me open up over the years.


What inspires you to keep keep pursuing acting?

I think the fact that I can get other people into drama and help them find something they’re passionate in is really special. I enjoy it so much because the environment is so encouraging and welcoming.


Is this more of a hobby or career choice for you?

I would really like to see it become a career later. It’s been kind of a dream job for awhile now. I’m really hoping that it’ll turn into something later down the line.