Athlete of the Week

Clara Mayfield

Varsity Track

  •  3 seconds shy of breaking the 1600 meter record record last year
  • Broke school record. 

How did it feel as you were crossing the finish line?

It was a good race and all of my hard work in the off season came together and paid off. I was really happy along with all of my coaches.


How did it feel to find out that you broke the school record?

Well I was really proud of myself, I didn’t expect the record to come so soon but I knew that I had the capability of reaching that time. It felt good, I hope it inspires future runners to run fast and work hard.


Was breaking the record a goal for you?

Yeah for sure I definitely wanted to do that and i’m still looking at more records to break and have plenty of fast times left to run so yeah there is a lot of goals


What specific goals do you have?

I’m going for the 1600 meter record and I have yet to place first at state as individual so I’m hoping to do that this year