Varsity baseball trounces Topeka West

Kris Long, Staff Writer

Manhattan blew the Chargers away on Tuesday, winning their first game by the biggest margin yet this season, 17-2, and the second 11-1. MHS is now 7 and 1.

Things got off to a good start for Manhattan, scoring eight runs in the first inning. MHS conceded two outs before taking the 8-run lead through a string of well-hit singles and doubles. Manhattan was up 8-2 by the end of the first inning. Despite the lead, Manhattan came into the second with guns blazing upping the score to 9-2 and then 13-2 in the third.

At the beginning of the third inning MHS brought on freshman Cade Perkins to pitch. Perkins allowed no runs scored against him for the remainder of the game. According to head coach Don Hess, this is the first time a freshman has pitched for Varsity baseball in 10-15 years.

MHS finished the Chargers off in the fourth, with two runs and then RBI from senior Zac Cox to bring the last two points that brought Topeka West to mercy. The game ended 17-2.

“More than anything else it was just nice to play well,” Hess said. “We played a little bit looser today … When you do that you play a little bit freer and with … more enthusiasm.”

MHS went into the second game of the doubleheader with confidence and determination.

“I think we competed no matter what,” Perkins said. “We never underestimated [Topeka West].”

Manhattan started the second off well, scoring three runs in the first and conceding one. MHS continued to collect runs throughout the game through a series of RBIs; however, failed to hit one out of the park throughout the afternoon. Jackson Walker was the starting pitcher for the second game and kept The Chargers to zero for his share of the afternoon. MHS played well defensively keeping Topeka to one run total.

“I thought that we played pretty good defense and I thought that three out of our four pitchers threw really well,” Hess said. “Our pitching gave us a good opportunity to win and that pleased me as much as anything.”

Manhattan plays Seaman High School next on Friday. The Vikings are 5 and 3 and the 2018 5A State Champions.