Prom ticket sales set new record, event creates new memories

Julianna Poe, Copy Editor

Twinkling lights blink, golden hues glisten, radiant gowns twirl, contagious laughter bubbles — prom has come and gone.

Yesterday, many Manhattan High students — mainly juniors and seniors — lined up along the downtown sidewalks, braving the chilly spring wind. Some invited dates, some went with friends, but all came for an unforgettable night.

Before the actual night of prom, however, there was the matter of ticket sales. This year, Student Council broke their record of prom tickets sold, selling approximately 700 before the event. This meant that there would be more students than ever before attending and the prom committees would have to work tirelessly to prepare.

Six junior StuCo committees — Bleachers, Outdoor Decorations, Indoor Decorations, Food and Accessories, Chaperones and Graphics — put in months of work to make this year’s prom one for the books.

“I really do enjoy prom planning,” Dustin Duntz, head of the prom committees, said. “This is my last year doing it but I have had a lot of fun doing it. You work with some of the best kids … I don’t necessarily like one … committee more than the other, but just working with the great StuCo officers is really the best part.”

According to junior Elizabeth Kim, Student Council junior class president and Food and Accessories prom committee chair, much thought was put into the various elements of the 24 Karat theme, such as ring pops as a food item.

“I just hope, and I have relative confidence in saying, that I think the students are going to really, really enjoy this event,” Kim said.

The prom night offered themed food, student influenced music, a photo backdrop area, card games and the highly anticipated crowning of prom royalty. This year’s prom king and queen were seniors Jered Zhang and Cami Wells.

“My favorite part was definitely … right before we all went on stage … as all the frontcourt candidates,” Wells said. “We just kind of mutually agreed that we all were super deserving of [the title] no matter who won because we … all deserve[d] to be there.”

Prom crowning is often seen as a very exciting time for candidates, and Wells proved this to be true.

“I was completely shocked,” Wells said. “I had no clue that it was going to be me. I honestly couldn’t [have] even guess[ed] who it would have been because everyone was so deserving of it.”

After it was all done, Wells felt that all the effort that was put into this year’s prom paid off.

“The junior Student Council worked so hard on it,” Wells said. “Everyone just went all out for it and I believe everyone just … walked away from that night like super happy, on a high [note and] had a lot of fun with their friends.”