Artist of the Week

Makenna Wollenberg, Assistant Photo Editor

Kate McGee


  • McGee is in Chamber and Varsity Choir. She also participates in girls tennis, National Honors Society, and Red Cross Club.

    When did you get into singing?
    “I got into singing in 5th grade,  I joined my elementary school after school choir,  called the Jammin’ Northstars.”

    What does singing do for you emotionally?
    “Singing for me is a stress relief for me.  It helps me just relax and enjoy the moment.”

    Why do you keep singing?
    “I keep singing because I enjoy the final product coming together.  Just hearing how the bass, tenor, alto, and soprano come together. “

    Do you want singing to be apart of your life after high school?
    “Definitely.  Singing is something you can carry out of high school.  You don’t have to go to college just to sing. It can just be for fun.”