Varsity Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Pop’s Choir put on showcase concert

Emma Elliott, Staff Writer

Manhattan High’s choirs and jazz groups wowed the crowd with an amazing performance Thursday night.

The concert, which was held in Rezac auditorium, included performances from Varsity Choir, Jazz Ensemble and Pops Choir, with each of them performing songs they had been working on throughout the semester, as well as a tribute to the seniors who participated in the groups this year.

The night began with Varsity Choir, who performed songs ranging from old favorites like “What’ll I Do” by Irving Berlin to more upbeat performances, including an acapella rendition of “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson.

“I think we [performed] okay,” Hayden Gimmer, senior, said. “We made a few mistakes and we could have done better but I’m fine with how we did. I think we need to work on watching each other and watching each other’s mouths more. One of the things with Varsity is we make eye contact while we sing to keep time.”

The Varsity Choir was then followed by the Jazz Ensemble, who brought  a previous MHS student, on the stage for to join in an impressive performance of  a difficult song. The night ended with Pops choir singing easily-recognizable songs, such as “Fields of Gold” by Sting.

With the closing song, the crowd of supporters erupted in applause and cheers.

“Everyone worked really hard, so we’re all proud of tonight,” Ellie Stout, junior, said. “We’re excited to do better at our next concert.”

“We did really good,” Macy Hendricks, junior, said. “We practiced a lot and I think we really take advantage of the time we have.”

Varsity Choir also visited elementary schools in the last few weeks to perform in the gymnasiums and prepare for the showcase, in which they put on a dance show and sang one song.

The Showcase ended in cheers and applause from the audience as choir teacher Chad Pape thanked the audience for coming.