Seniors need to act like adults

Ayden Boyles, Business Manager

There are many things that signify becoming an adult, ranging from purchasing a car to joining the workforce. However, there is one major event that truly marks the start of adulthood: graduating high school. Graduating opens a portal to new career and life opportunities; it is the key to becoming an adult.

Ever since freshman year, we have been working towards a specific career path, whether that be on the biology track using Chromebooks or working towards a career as a writer on college-ruled loose leaf paper. These past four brief years have prepared us as a senior class for the road ahead. Some of us will become doctors and others will become the next Elon Musk, but bottom line we will be doing so as adults.

The word adult may frighten some, but it’s a natural part of life that our teachers have been preparing us for with tests, field trips and lectures. This part of life is our opportunity to carve a path of our own and create a positive difference in the community. We will be able to do so from the life experiences that teachers such as Nathan McClendon and Andrew Lee have shared with us. I remember these teachers stopping class to teach valuable lessons and explain issues that they want us to understand. They did this so that we can overcome many important life decisions that will come ahead. Experiences like this, learning from others that are much wiser is one of the greatest things that we can pull from our high school career that can and will make us better adults.

Another area that high school has helped prepare us for is timeliness, which is a trait that as an adult you will need for being on time and meeting deadlines. While some of us often see these as lenient, all of the times that your teachers have set a due date or you come to school before the first bell, those things are preparing you for your adult career. are all things that are preparing you for your adult career. There are so many other circumstances in our school that I could continue to list, but remember that little things that may not seem important now will carry a heavyweight in your future life.

For those not yet graduating, cherish the relationships you have with the teachers and with the school because you never know what may stick out in your time as an adult.