Choices made in high school

Duncan O'Brate, Indian Insider Videographer

The time spent here at Manhattan High means different things to different students. To some it means just going to school and waiting all day to go back home. To others it means getting the chance to gather up with people they feel close to. Some students even take the opportunity to join some of the various clubs offered here. As long as they work hard and graduate, students should be proud of whatever they have chosen to do during their time at MHS.

Every student who goes to high school has a different story. Their life stories play a huge role in defining who they are and what their interests will be. Because of these differences, students will have a wide variety of interests that can be explored at MHS. These students may want to be involved in sports or performing arts. They may also want to join an after-school club that appeals to something else.

No matter what they choose, students should feel comfortable being involved in activities they want to be involved in, even if other people may be doing something else. As long as they do the activities they enjoy at Manhattan High, they have made the right choices.