As year comes to close, seniors prepare to say goodbye to MHS

Emma Elliott, Staff Writer

In the day in the life of a soon-to-be high school grad, life is moving fast. As the school year quickly comes to an end with prom over, finals approaching, and AP tests soon coming to a close, seniors are rushing to make a wrap on their final year of high school.

A day in the life of our MHS seniors in their remaining week is about preparing to walk across the stage, accepting the piece of paper they’ve worked 13 years to get and beginning their journey outside of Manhattan High School. Because school ends for these seniors this Thursday, the pressure is on for those graduating to complete all of their late work and study for their final tests.

“I’m trying to get all of my stuff turned in, like textbooks and signatures from all of my teachers,” said senior Tara Wood. “I have to make sure I’ve got my cap and gown and everything is in order, that I’m prepped and ready for my graduation party…making sure I’m ready to leave [MHS.] The most stressful part is making sure grades and homework are in order, and studying for the final tests. I’ve been a little frantic.”

Some students are even choosing to take on these stressors early and push themselves to graduate high school before the rest of their class, with the help of online classes and generous teachers and counselors. This year, 16 juniors are graduating with the class of 2019.

“I decided to graduate a year early because who wants to sit in a classroom for an extra year  when you can easily get out of the way?” said junior Jordyn Haley. “Graduating early has probably been one of the best decisions I’ve made on my own.”

While these students may get wrapped up in getting things done on time and making everything work, there are still bittersweet feelings in regards to leaving the school for college.

“I’m going to miss high school,” said senior Cyere Chatmon. “I’m going to miss being so close in a pretty compact campus and interacting with the people we’re sort of forced to every day. I’m going to miss the teachers and not having to call them professor, and just the convenience of high school.”