Grad parties take over

Cole Schmitt, Social Media Manager

Graduation parties have been taking over the past couple of weeks, along with invitations and talk about them from the seniors and their families as they celebrate this great accomplishment. Although most friends and family just show up to the party, many don’t realize the time and effort it takes to go into creating one.

“[You have to] plan out where you want to have it, whether you want it with a group of friends or just you, what food you want, [and you have to send] cards and invitations out in time,” senior Michael Turnley said. “Quite a [few people] come. We had four host families so a lot of people came for each person. Some stay longer than others. People come and go, they say ‘Hi’ and ‘Congrats.’ They eat and talk while they are there.”

Some seniors have their party on their own but others, like Turnley, host with friends.

“The day and time of the graduation party [matters] because last year my sister had hers on Saturday the weekend before graduation and nobody else did it at that time,” senior Max Lansdowne said. “A lot of people were able to come. We were assuming if we did the same this year we could have the same turnout, but then everybody else ended up having that same idea.”

Despite the common opinion, graduation parties are rather lowkey events.

“We are going to have a bonfire and a lot of games and food and a lot of different activities,” senior Cade Hupp said. “People have the freedom to choose whatever they want to do.”

The graduates want all their friends and family to be present at these parties to celebrate with them.

“All my friends and relatives will be there to celebrate the end of high school,” Lansdowne said. “I’d say it’s not a super unique accomplishment but it’s a pretty big milestone in someone’s life. So it’s fun to have people you care about there to hang out with and celebrate.”