‘Stranger Things 3’ humorous, suspenseful

Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

After nearly two years of twiddling our thumbs, the highly anticipated show “Stranger Things 3” was released with a bang on July 4, outshining the firework shows for many.

Opening a little over a year later, love and friendship fills the summer air of Hawkins, Indiana, as the paladin Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), cleric Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), ranger Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), bard Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), mage Eleven Hopper (Millie Bobby Brown), zoomer Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) and others hurdle into the marvels of 1985. With the new Starcourt Mall, tensions rising, and unexplainable occurrences, questions about the safety of Hawkins burn. Despite having closed the gate to the Upside Down, it seems as though the danger never left.

Starting off, the plot can be confusing and corny at times, but the suspense and humor keep you hooked. Characters from preceding seasons as well as new characters delightfully bring “Stranger Things 3” to life. Through this season you get to see more personality unfold from secondary characters as well as the main characters.

Speaking of personalities, this season the acting is remarkable, especially from antagonist Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery). Before “Stranger Things 3,” we only get a few glimpses of Billy’s conflicting character in action. In this season, Billy plays a much tougher role, similar to the emotional acting of Will in season one and two. The scenes between Eleven and Billy prove powerful thanks to the character’s talented actors.

Moreover, in “Stranger Things 2,” Max and Eleven didn’t get along well and had little interaction. However, in “Stranger Things 3” we get to see your typical — well, as close to normal when one friend has powers — friendship unfold. While many fans had mixed views on the influence Max had on Eleven, personally, I believe Max was looking out for Eleven and acted as any protective, supportive friend would. It’s also good to note that this was both the girls’ first female friend, at least since the move to Hawkins.

Like in previous seasons, callbacks to ‘80s films, music and items can be discovered throughout. This season goes several steps further by incorporating bright, colorful clothing and hairstyles along with a very 80s themed mall and pool. “Stranger Things 3” wonderfully immerses viewers into the decade of fashion.

Overall, “Stranger Things 3” is comical, dark, passionate, gory and much more. The performance from the cast provides a mysterious and gripping season that is sure to not disappoint. If you’re not one of the many millions who have already watched “Stranger Things 3,” be sure to grab a box of tissues and start binging today.