100 years in counting

Anika Nyp, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

It’s been one wild summer, even though most of mine has been spent in room C-107– the journalism room.

I’m happy to share that it’s the Manhattan High Blue M Yearbook’s 100th edition, and I’m excited for what we have planned so far. I’m determined to make this year a great one for the yearbook.

We have some tricks up our sleeves for some promotional and teaser ideas to make the yearbook more interactive with you all — including something extra special for the class of 2020. I want 2019-2020 students to look back on your yearbook and think “how did we do so much in just one year?” I want to cover as much as possible and make everyone feel like they’re included in the yearbook, but I can’t do it without your help. 

I spend hours looking at all that our school does and I think that we’ve only hit the tip of the iceburg. If you or your organization does something that’s unique, please let us know. We want to make this yearbook the best one yet — not only for the judges we hope to send it to, but for you all as well.

My job is to capture everyone’s memories this school year in one book and get it done with as few mistakes as possible. I have a great staff to help me do it and if you’re interested in helping, come on in. I promise we don’t bite and we would love to have you– as long as you get stuff done before our deadline. We’re a really close group that likes to have lots of fun. 

Before I say goodbye, for now, I have a public service announcement to give you lovely people. If you’re wondering why all the spring sports and activities are missing from your 2019 yearbook, it’s because you don’t have your whole book. There’s this thing that goes in the back of our book called a supplement. It’s the spring quarter and it has this little adhesive strip that keeps it there forever. And guess what? We have yours so please come get it! The Blue M staff would really appreciate it. They will be distributed at lunch and Back to School night. And if you think you might have gotten a book and your mom told you to pick up your yearbook, go ahead and check with us. I think you might have a yearbook.

I hope you all have a great year and be sure to buy a yearbook!