Fair King takes huge responsibility for 4-H

Madison Ritz, Staff Writer

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There’s a lot that goes into the fairgrounds, and a lot of responsibility to keep the ceilings still standing inside the 4-H building while the Riley County Fair was taking place.

After participating in the fair for nine years, senior Jonathan Hoepner got the title of Fair King. As the Fair King, he has to be a role model for others in 4-H. He took on a lot of tasks at the fair this year. 

“So as Fair King, I have to hand out ribbons at the livestock shows and help out there as well as the auction,” Hoepner said. “I also have to be at the Christmas lighting parade.”

While Hoepner was fulfilling his duties as Fair King he was unable to do the things other high school students would do.

“I did not attend the carnival this year. I couldn’t gather up my friends. I was sad that I couldn’t this year,” Hoepner said. “But I was Fair King this year, so I got to spend a majority of my time doing that instead.”

In the past, Hoepner attended the Cow Valley Rodeo, but was unable to attend it this year. Instead, he got to watch the livestock shows and give out ribbons to those who participated.

“I know the Kaw Valley Rodeo is a great rodeo from past experience and I had a lot of fun watching that,but I was not able to go this year.” Hoepner said. “I was looking forward to being at the livestock shows this year mainly, so I would have to be there to watch and judge.”

Many people who attended the fair and walked inside the 4-H building probably saw Hoepner walking around observing each booth that was entered into the contest.

“My favorite part of the fair was being able to see the booths and everything that everybody made for 4-H,” Hoepner said. “I found this really cool poker table, and notebooks that somebody made. I’ve had a very fun time working with 4-H. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted being in 4-H.”

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