FCCLA attends Take AIM conference

Hannah Heger, Trending Editor

After coming off a successful year of competitions, Manhattan High’s Family Career Community Leaders of America team attended this year’s first FCCLA conference “Take AIM.”

AIM stands for “Active Involved Members,” preparing new members and sparking interest.

“I took five completely new people to this conference,” Heidi Rippert, FCCLA sponsor said. “They could get acquainted with exactly what FCCLA is and get others excited about FCCLA and we can rebuild our chapter with new members.”

FCCLA, an organization based on the MHS Family and Consumer Science Program and leadership, competes in multiple competitions throughout the year to show off the capabilities they gained from a family and consumer science class. 

“It also allows you to be part of a leadership organization,” Rippert said. “There’s many ways to get involved and become a leader in the organization.”

The team attended the FCCLA Take AIM conference to stir enthusiasm for the upcoming year, attending to see the keynote speaker, Patrick Grady, the FCCLA Florida state Advisor and motivational speaker, while also participating in the activities offered.

“We had a lot of workshops and types of things,” Megan Call, junior, said. “We were given lessons on how to be involved for the future events.”

The previous year of competitions and conferences, the group had to say goodbye to the seniors and early graduating juniors. Nevertheless, the team took the opportunity to introduce their new members to what the team is known for.

“My hope is that we have more members than last year and they’re more active and involved, hence the name of the conference, than we were last year,” Rippert said.