Four-way tie at Seaman Invitational for girls golf

Hannah Heger, Trending Editor

Traveling to Seaman to compete in the Seaman Invitational, the Manhattan Varsity girls golf faced off against other teams to earn first place.

But for the first tournament, they had an interesting twist for the players, with four players finishing with an individual score of 89. 

“It was really cool, we were more shocked than anything because it’s so rare,” junior A.J. Ryan said.

The judges at the tournament sorted through the holes of the course and the MHS team had members ending third through sixth place.

“This was the first tournament of the season, so it was a really good start for where the girls are and where they need to make improvements,” Paige McCarthy, head coach, said. “But I think it was really good to let the girls see exactly where they are and to build their confidence because they all did some really good things.”

Preparing for their next game, the team used this tournament to develop their skills for later tournaments.

“Practice was dedicated to the mental game and to know how the girls handle pressure and how they manage the course,” McCarthy said. “We’ll continue to focus on that as well as just the playing of golf itself, which will focus on the mental aspect”

But mental game isn’t all that matters when it comes to practice.

“We’ve practiced a lot on the short game chipping and putting, and that will continue throughout the season,” McCarthy said. “I’m hopeful that the girls will continue to see improvement and see their hard work pay off.”

The team will be traveling to their next tournament today in Salina.