Artist of the Week

Junior Teagan Hitchings

  • Has 51.3K followers on her TikTok account “honeytongue”

So how long have you been doing cosplays?
“A year.”

What made you start doing cosplay?

“Inspiration from other cosplays and just wanting to do it for years.”

When did you start making TikToks?

“A year.”

What’s your favorite character to cosplay?

“Vriska [Serket] or Maki [Harukawa] probably,”

What series are those from?

“[Vriska Serket is from the webcomic] ‘Homestuck’ and [Maki Harukawa is from the game series] ‘Danganronpa.’”

How often do you cosplay?

“Depends, usually once a week though.”

What are you trying to express through cosplay?

“Good question, I just think its mostly … it’s just a good way of self-expression and just showing your creativity.”

What do you want people to know about cosplaying?

“It’s a lot of fun, and it’s not that weird of a hobby. “