Athlete of the Week


Julianna Poe

Freshman Amelia Knopp barrels toward the finish line, leading as Manhattan’s second runner. Knopp placed third with a time of 20:43.9, having ran a 5K at the Warner Park meet on September 7.

Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

Freshman Amelia Knopp

  • Manhattan’s second Varsity girls runner
  • Placed third on Sept. 7 with a time of 20:43.9, contributing to their first-place team score of 37 points

How long have you been running?

“I started running for a team in seventh grade at AMS.”


Did you seek out any coaching professionals in previous years?



Do you participate in other athletics?

“I play basketball and run track as well.”


What are you most looking forward to this cross country season?

“I’m most excited to strengthen friendships with all of my teammates, put in a lot of hard work, and help my team achieve our goals.”


Who do you look up to as a runner?

“My mom really inspired me to start running at a young age. Running is something that makes her happy and helps her lead a healthy lifestyle.”


What goals do you have for this cross country season?

“My goals are to work hard to achieve PRs and to push my teammates so we can be the best team possible.”


How do you plan on going about achieving those goals?

“I was really appreciative of the advice and motivation I received from my experienced teammates at the meet. To push my teammates to be the best team possible, I want to provide the same support I received from them.”


Anything else you’d like to add?

“No, I think that’s it. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”