Daniel Harkin travels out of state for Tennis Tournament

Rachel Edie, Business Manager

At this time of year sports fans expect to see Daniel Harkin’s name associated with big wins in cross country. But Harkin spent Labor Day weekend focused on the other sport he excels in: tennis. 

Every year, certain students from the Manhattan High tennis team are selected to participate in an out-of-state tournament in Oklahoma. This year it happened to be Harkin. 

In addition to being the top MHS cross country runner, Harkin has played on the MHS tennis team since freshman year. He began playing tennis at the age of four and is currently a singles player, so he does not play with a partner. During the seasons when the school’s team is not playing, he still practices in his free time along with running with the boys on the cross country team. 

The selection process for who is able to go to the meet is extremely simple. It’s based on a ranking system for the state. If someone has a high ranking, then they are automatically selected to participate in the tournament.

Last spring he claimed the title of Regional Singles Champion for the second consecutive year, finishing with a 4-0. He also managed to seize fourth place in boys singles at the Class 6A tennis tournament as a freshman then one-upped himself by placing third his sophomore year. He continued to improve upon his skills and learned more from every new experience, whether he won or lost.

In college, he hopes to continue to play tennis at an even higher level. 

At the Oklahoma tournament, he won his first two matches. These two were against players ranked similarly to him and they also have a similar skill level. The two wins secured his place to compete in the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, this was the end of the road for Harkin as he lost to his opponent.

Harkin is planning on continuing to stand out as a player in both tennis and cross country, one day hoping to advance in the sport while in pursuit of higher education.