Artist of the Week

Katya Tarabrina, Blue M Organizations Editor

Junior Alyx Glessner

What kind of art do you like to do the most?

“I do mixed media art, so I don’t really have a specific favorite type of art, but I’m probably most talented in like charcoal drawings.”

How long have you been doing art for?

“Since I was around five to six.”

What made you want to be more serious with your art? 

“Actually, my elementary school teacher told me that I was pretty good at it. She told me I should stick with it, so I guess that’s where I am now, just kind of doing my own thing with it.”

What motivates you to continue doing art?

“I like seeing the teacher’ expressions and I like wowing people with my talent.”

What are you trying to express with your artwork?

“I express emotion in my artwork. It’s more of like… you have to think about it to realize what it is and it’s like your own interpretation of what it could be.”

What is something you would like to eventually achieve with your artwork?

“I want to achieve perspective and that no matter what you see, you can see something inside you.”