Marching band performs at homecoming during halftime

Sophia Comas, Online Editor-in-Chief

The student section in Bishop Stadium is eerily quiet. Typically, kids are shouting along to the cheers, but not now. Now, student after student rests their aching feet and all sit down. The sea of red, white and blue outfits is still. 

On the football field, players are not chasing each other amid tackles and throws. The anticipation in the air has nothing to do with the game. Instead, everyone silently waits for the mass of instruments to occupy the turf. Everyone waits for the Big Blue Marching Band to begin their half-time performance. 

“It’s super-hype and exciting,” Tanner McIntosh, sophomore, said. “[It] really gets your blood pumping and ready to watch an awesome football game.”

The band divided itself perfectly into 18 columns, separating with the percussionists in the back and giving enough space for an aisle where members of the Homecoming court paraded through. 

The drum majors were front and center, with senior Jayna Schwartz standing tall on the primary platform. 

“A lot of my social anxieties and inhibitions go away when I’m in that uniform,” Schwartz said. “I know I’ve worked for that position, so it’s rather triumphant.”

During the crowning, the band remained still but they were quick to lift their instruments to play Manhattan High’s fight song — “Indian Boy.”

Before their half-time performance, the band was able to practice at last Friday’s pep rally where they played the setlist for most of their sporting events. They practiced SPITS in particular, which is what they call “Songs Played in the Stands.”

In addition to the pep rally, the marching band practiced pieces and formation techniques over the summer along with rehearsals every day in class.

These extra practices came to their advantage when they finally played in front of their first live football audience. 

“Obviously it can be a nerve-racking position at times but I’ve really, really enjoyed conducting so far,” Schwartz said. “It’s such an exhilarating feeling.”