Artist of the Week


Katya Tarabrina, Blue M Organizations Editor

Sonda Copeland

How long have you been a teacher at MHS?

“I’m not sure, I think it’s something like 25 years…  maybe 24. I’ve been in the district for 29 years, I taught at some other schools first.”

When did you first get into doing art?

“In grade school.”

What is your favorite part about doing art?

“I can’t choose, I did minors and majors in college I had so many that I liked. Ceramic was my major. I love stained glass, I paint, I do jewelry, those main ones.”

What is your absolute favorite medium to work with 

“Well, right now I’m really into stained glass but I love to paint.”

What are you trying to express with your art? 

“Usually what’s important to me in my personal life. Some places I’ve been, some people I like to spend time with.”

What motivates you to continue doing art?

“It’s just a passion. I can’t not do it.”

What do you get inspiration from?

“People around me, from my students. Sometimes I feel like I get inspired by them so they’re people around me, my family, places we go together.”

What piece of advice would you offer to aspiring artists?

“Do it as much as you can, as often as you can.”