JV Volleyball dominates at second game of season

Lasirra Hines, Staff Writer

The Manhattan High Junior Varsity volleyball team swept the floor with a score of 23-13 and 25-18 in the first game against Seaman on Sept. 12, and a score of 25-10 and 24-8 in the second game against Junction City.

 “…We came out ready to play from point one, which is important because we got an early lead and never let them get back into the game,” J.V. coach Kylie Corneliusen said.

Just before the game, they shared the court in warm ups, practicing their spiking, serving, and setting. After warm ups, the team huddled together and began to hype each other up. 

“I do think it’s important that they get hype before they play,” Corneliusen said. “They take that momentum and use it in a game.” 

From the beginning of the first game, they started out strong, earning their first point in a matter of a minute. It was quite an intense game and Manhattan had three saves that made the crowd gasp and cheer. 

“When Kennady [Martinie,junior,] pancaked and saved it, it was a really good save,” freshman Aubree Hoffman said. 

Martinie was part of one of the saves during that half. They ended the first half before the switch with a score of 23-13 and with continuing energy and determination in the second half, they ended it with a score of 25-18.

According to Hoffman, the way the team works together really showed how close they are. 

“We really bonded as a team,” Hoffman said. “We are definitely getting closer.” 

Their goals are “to be the first to 10 points each game” and “to have more aces than serve receiving errors” according to Corneliusen. 

In the second game against Junction City, they left the opposing team in the dust, with a score of 25-10 in the first half and 24-8 in the second. The Indians did struggle in the beginning, losing the lead 2-3, but they quickly gained it back. Each player proved themselves and shone in different parts of the game, such as Junior Ryane Stipe who took charge to help out her team.

“I do take charge…and it is something I’m really passionate about,” Stipe said. “We are ready to get back into the game.”

Their next game is Thursday, Sept. 19 against Clay County, Riley and Wamego.