Athlete of the Week


Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

Senior Kira Schartz

  • Placed in top three for three consecutive games after injury recovery


How long have you been playing tennis?

“About 10 years.”


What sparked the idea to join MHS tennis?

“I have always loved tennis. It was a big part of my mom’s side of the family and I played in middle school.”


Who is your tennis role model?

“Definitely my mom.”


How has your mom influenced your love for tennis?

“She’s the one who signed me up for my first lesson and always pushed me to be better. She also has taught me everything.”


Last school year you sustained an ACL injury in soccer, how did this affect your final season of high school tennis?

“It made me enjoy it more and enjoy every second of it and not take it for granted.”


How long have you and your doubles partner Joanna Park played as teammates?

“Four years — one in middle school, three in high school.”


How did it feel to finish your high school tennis career with Joanna Park by your side?

“I would not have wanted it any other way. She is a perfect partner and an incredible person.”


What is your favorite memory of MHS tennis?

“Winning league with Joanna this year.”


How did it feel to be back on the team with Park while winning medals together?

“It was one of the best feelings. It was insane how natural it was. Plus she is the best partner ever so that just made it 10 times better.”


Do you plan on continuing to play tennis at a college level next year?



What are all of the sports you play and what is your greatest accomplishment in each thus far?

“I play soccer and the greatest accomplishment in that [was] getting third at state [my junior year] and for tennis it [was] winning regionals [my senior year].”