Athlete of the Month

Julianna Poe, Sports Editor

Sophomore Grant Snowden

  • Scored game-winning 38-yard field goal during last seconds of JC game


How long have you been playing football?

“Around a year and a half now. I joined halfway through last season.”


What sparked the idea to join MHS football?

“My football friends knew I played soccer and challenged me to kick an extra point and I made it. It was at that point I knew I wanted to play for Manhattan.”


How long have you been playing soccer?

“Since I was around four or five, so around 12 years.”


Who is your football role model?

“My dad. He played football in high school and college and he’s definitely been a big help and inspiration [for me] to keep doing what I’m doing. [He’s] always encouraging [me].”


What was running through your mind before you scored the 38-yard field goal?

“I was running the steps I take before my kick through my head and imagining the ball flying through the uprights. I was just trying to keep a positive mindset.”


How did it feel when you scored the game-winning field goal for the JC game?

“It felt amazing. It’s by far my greatest sports moment ever. Nothing even comes close to comparing to that moment. [It] felt awesome to bring the silver trophy back to Manhattan and [to] all the seniors that worked hard to be where they’re at.”


What goals do you have for the rest of the football season and in the future?

“Well, obviously the goal for this year is to win state, but we just need to take each game one at a time and beat Hutchinson here this Friday. A long term [goal] I definitely have is kicking at the next level in college.”


How do you plan on achieving those goals both individually and as a team?

“We are going to have to put in the work at practice this week. The passion has to be there. We’re going to have to watch some film, learn out assignments and make sure everyone is on the same page.”


What other sports do you play and what is your greatest accomplishment in each?

“I play football, soccer and golf. Making Varsity as a freshman last year for golf was definitely a big accomplishment for me. Leading the [Junior Varsity] team in goals this year was [my] biggest accomplishment [in soccer. For] football, nothing even comes close to the game-winning field goal.”