Artist of the Week


Katya Tarabrina, Blue M Organizations Editor

Senior Lillian Smith 

Realism art


What’s your favorite medium to work with?

“I really like working with colored pencils and acrylic. Those are like my top two.” 

What’s your favorite type of art to do? 

“I guess realism, realistic art.”

What would you say inspires your art?

“I’m not entirely sure, more like what I’m feeling that day, kind of like my feelings and emotions.”

What motivates you to continue doing your art?

“It keeps me calm, it helps me with my anxiety and it’s just fun to do in my past time.”

What would you like to improve in your art?.

“A lot of things. [I’d like to] practice more, expand my range.”

What’s your favorite part about doing art?

“[With art], the possibilities are endless, you can do literally anything.”