Bowling looks to pin successful season

Rachel Edie , Business Manager

With the winter sports season approaching, one sport that doesn’t seem to get enough attention is rolling into action. 

Tryouts will take place during the week consecutively after Thanksgiving break at Little Apple Lanes — 3:30-5:30 p.m. Last year, the Manhattan High bowling team consisted of 21 members — 12 boys and nine girls. At tryouts, anyone is welcome to come and try their hand at the sport. Last year, the team had a large number of participating students. This year they are expecting fewer members to turn out but are still optimistic as to how they’ll do over the course of the season. 

“[How we’ll do this year is] hard to tell, we lost a few great seniors and other bowlers but we still have great chemistry and I think that will definitely help,” senior Grant Terril said. 

Throughout the past season, the team won multiple times at their tournaments and the girls went and placed fourth at State. At regionals, they found it harder than other tournaments that year but still tried their best and left it all out there. 

“[Last year] was pretty solid, we had a few wins and were bowling great,” Terril said. “Regionals was really hard with the oil pattern and everything, but overall it was a pretty good season.”

Their coach, Robert Regan, works at Little Apple Lanes, which speaks to his experience in the sport. That experience is sure to carry on to the players at their first game on Jan. 14 in Hayden. 

“[The team dynamic is] really great,” Terril said. “Everyone is super awesome and supportive of each other, having a smaller team really helps you bond and connect with your teammates.”