Baking, culinary classes selling Cookie Boxes

Aubrey Strother, Staff Writer

Faculty and staff, still looking for gifts to get for the holidays? Well no need to fret, the Baking and Culinary Essentials classes are selling boxes full of treats. 

Lisa Pluff, the Culinary Essentials and Baking and Pastry teacher, recently sent a message to all faculty to put out the word about the project.

Unfortunately, students aren’t able to buy the boxes full of treats — which some students think would have been a good option.

“It would’ve brought in a lot more money,” sophomore Kiira Facey said.

The boxes aren’t just being sold for fun. They are helping raise money for the baking program. 

“It was…to get more money to buy more supplies for baking,” Facey said

According to Pluff, the boxes include apple and cherry hand pies, chocolate chip cookies, drop sugar cookies and frosted drop sugar cookies. 

“We made like 12 dozen cherry, 14 dozen apple, and then like, I don’t know how many dozen cookies,” sophomore Natalie Jayne said. “I think we spent three or four days on it, just my hour.” 

Facey, who is in Baking and Pastry, also participated in the production of the cookie boxes, making at least 400 treats in less than a week. 

“[We] probably [made] like 200 cookies and 200 hand pies…[It took] about two days, two to three days [to make],” she said. 

Many of the Baking and Pastry and Culinary Essentials students helped make the treats that are in the boxes during class.  

“It was mainly baking but culinary essentials had to help a little bit,” Pluff said.

Jayne, who is also in Baking and Pastry, learned a lot from the process of making the treats. 

“It was fun but it required a lot of doing the same process over and over again since we had to make so many treats,” Jayne said.

Facey also enjoyed baking for the project, including the challenge it presented. 

“Yeah it was really fun,” Facey said. “It was recipes and stuff that we’ve done before so it was easy but it was sort of difficult because they had to be perfect this time.” 

Their hard work didn’t go unnoticed, though, as many teachers bought the boxes filled with treats. 

“I think a lot of the teachers bought the treats to like give out for Christmas or…for Christmas parties or something cause we made a lot of Christmas things,” Jayne said. “Like the sugar cookies, we put Christmas sprinkles on them and stuff.”