Last Choir Concert Rock’s in Rezac

Alexus Forsythe, Junior Features Editor

The Manhattan High School Choir will sing songs from countries around the world for their last concert of the season on Wednesday. 

“Most of the choirs are singing in at least a couple different languages,” Chad Pape, Choir teacher and director, said.Their music doesn’t just vary in language, but it varies in genre too.

“We have a mix of modern stuff and old stuff and pop tunes and classical music, so a little bit of everything,” Pape said.

The order the choirs are performing will not be decided until the day of the concert. The only things that are confirmed is that the Bel’Voce choir will perform first and Chamber Choir will perform last.

All of the choirs have been working very hard to prepare for the last concert of the semester. 

“[Varsity] we usually go into a quiet place and rehearse our songs once or twice depending on if we mess up,” Junior Megan Whitson said.

Then some kids have their own ways to individually prepare for concerts.

“What I do before a performance is vocal warmups to get my voice ready,” Junior Sophia Livengood said.

Even though the songs aren’t confirmed yet for the concert, the choirs have been working on a couple different songs that they could be singing. Chamber’s song possibilities include “Kyrie,” “Psalm 100 (Jauchzet dem Herrn)” and “Hope.” Kyrie is in Greek and Psalm 100 is in German.

Varsity Choir’s song possibilities include “Right Here Waiting,” “Royals” and “Happy Together.” All of these songs are in English.

Bel’Voce’s song possibilities are “Gaudeamus Hodie” and “Lux in Tenebris.” These songs are both in Latin.

Pops Choir’s song possibilities are “A Groovy Kind Of Love,” “Baby What a Big Surprise” and “Colors of the Wind.” These songs are all in English.

Choir will be singing these songs at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in Rezac Auditorium.