Role Models

Adam Wollenburg, Staff Writer

Many people can influence your life in positive and negative ways. Role models can be important and positive people in your life. They are used to help you through your life when things get tough. Role models should be someone you respect and someone who you look up to. The models can be anyone. 

Some people can have more than one role model from many different areas. An area where a role model may be present is in sports. An example of a sports role model is LeBron James. Another topic of role model can be a famous people like Bill Gates. Finally, another example of a role model can be your parents.

Some students at Manhattan High School believe in role models while others do not think role models are important. 

“My role model would actually be a kid Will Bannister, he taught me a lot of stupid crap throughout the years,” sophomore Zeke Kohl said. “He’s helped me with a lot of wisdom, there’s just stuff that I had no idea about that he told me over a quick like 30 minutes of just sitting with him.” 

While some students have role models in the school, others have them outside of the school.

“Scarlett Johansson, because I like how she played the Blackwidow,” sophomore Samuel Weinhold said.

Some students at Manhattan High School do not think that role models are important. They believe that they do not need a role model to model their life off of, as they can build their own way of living, focused on themselves and not on a role model. Others have to look no further than their own family to find their role models.

“I think my role models for me are my parents because they work really hard,” sophomore Abrar Nasser said. “So, I really want to be like that and they inspire me to do what I do.”