Bowling team increases girls on team

Rachel Edie, Blue M Business Manager

The bowling team has almost a full girls team for the first time ever this year. There are 23 members on the team in all, 12 guys and 11 girls. 

Many of the girls on the team are new, considering how many seniors graduated last year. It was a hard hit to the team losing that many members from both the girls and guys teams in one year. The team was ecstatic when so many more people tried out for the team this year. They did not end up having to turn anyone away which was great considering they try to include everyone, no matter the skill level. 

One of the girls, junior Kim Crawford, was specifically excited about the new girls on the team. 

“We are very lucky this year to have close to a full girls team,” Crawford said. “We would love to have many more. It is so much fun and we have a great time. Even if you don’t think you are the best, it is good to do it anyway.”

Crawford has been bowling on the team for almost two and a half years. She got involved in the activity because of her dad’s interest to bowl. From there she bought her own ball and shoes and continued to practice. 

“Everyone is super fun and encouraging,” Crawford said. “It is like I have 23 of my best friends right there. When I make a bad shot or am having a rough game they always find a way to make me do better, or feel better. The coaches are super great and helpful.”

Another member of the team, junior Megan Witson, has had a similar experience since joining the team. She got started with bowling when she began to go to Little Apple Lanes — where the team practices — often. One of the employees informed her of the Youth League they offer on Saturdays. From there she began bowling on the Manhattan High team and has become one of their best bowlers. 

“We started frequently going to Little Apple Lanes over the summer and this guy named Jerry that works there told me I should start bowling on the Youth League they have,” Witson said.

These girls had both had prior experience in bowling but many girls on the team do not. It was simply a fun after school activity that they joined and continued with. They are still looking for girls to try out for next year’s team. To see if it is interesting, their games and tournaments are open to the public with their next tournament being on Jan. 14 in Hayden.