Athlete of the week

Taryn Robinson, Junior Sports Editor

Tate Sauder


  • Achieved 100th Career win at first home meet.

How long have you been wrestling for?

 “For probably 10-plus years.”

What’s your favorite part in wrestling?

 “My favorite part in wrestling is just getting to know all my teammates, my friends, my family and just being there for everybody when they need me.”

 What inspires you to wrestle?

 “My dad, my family just because it’s been in my bloodline since I was little. Okay, my dad didn’t growing up, my uncle’s did it. It’s cool.”

 Who is your role model?

 “I’d probably say my dad just because … he’s coached me all my life [and] he’s [always] been there.”

 How does it feel to get your one hundredth win?

“It was pretty awesome…. Doing it at home was pretty good because I got to do in front of … my family, my friends, my teammates, my coaches here at home, knowing that this is … my second [to] last-ever wrestling tournament at home and I don’t have to do it this coming week at a really tough tournament.”

What college do you plan to go to?

 “I’m still undecided yet but I’m been looking in and out [of state] recently. But I got a couple of options.”

 What do you plan to do there?

 “[I’m] probably go[ing] into business.”

 Have you gotten any scholarships?

 “I’ve gotten a couple but I haven’t really … had the opportunity to go and look at them yet.”