Larry Myers, new grade level Principal and Athletic Director


Lasirra Hines, Entertainment Page Editor

Myers was born in Clay Center and moved to Wakefield, returning to the district from being the middle school principal and athletic director at Concordia. Myers went to high school in Wakefield, then went on to Kansas State UNiversity where he received both his bachelors and masters degrees. 

For a few years, Myers wasn’t sure of what he wanted to do after school. He had been teaching Social Studies and P.E in the high school setting when eventually he went into elementary education and got his degree in that area, finishing it quickly and getting a job. However, getting a master’s degree was not in his plans.

“I really had no plans to ever get a master’s degree,” Myers said. “I was just going to keep working until I retire, as a teacher.”

The process to get it had been through a leadership program through the school district in K-State. It was a simple semester class, meaning a couple times a month. Myers had to take supplementary classes through Fort Hays State, giving him the required 36 hours. He eventually got his Master’s of Science in Building Leadership. 

“You have to renew [the license], but it’s just a process that you have to go through, and there’s steps along the way,” Myers said, “You have to take tests and you have to do assessments and things, and then also some internship type things.”

Myers is married to Julie Myers, who is a special education teacher at Anthony Middle School. He has three children, Brett, Kellen and Kara, who all graduated from Manhattan High. The family has been very happy in Manhattan, and the dynamic of the city is something Myers enjoys.

“To have a place like this, and to have K-State here, and then have Manhattan with a large school,” Myers said, “I mean you can’t ask for anything better. We are very happy.”

Myers has been in the education field going on 30 years. Myers taught at different levels, starting as a third grade teacher, and then moved to Clay Center and taught middle school there for 11 years. Coming back to Manhattan, he taught at Anthony Middle School for 13 years, between 2005 and 2018. Then moved to Concordia and had the opportunity of being a principal and athletic director there. 

Being in the education field for 30 years wasn’t something Myers had planned on doing as long as he did.

“I really hadn’t planned on this being something I’d do forever but it was just, you know, the time started building up over time,” Myers said. “It’s 20 years, then it’s 25 years, and now it’s 30 years.”

Myers enjoys the high school environment, as he mainly taught at the elementary and middle school level, not doing much in high school. The setting of working with a variety of groups is something that Myers likes within the school. Interacting and working with a lot more people rather than being in a classroom most of the day has been a positive in the time he has worked here.

“Here, you’re working with students, adults, you’re working with the custodial staff, you’re working with other schools,’ Myers said. “It’s such a broader scope of what you do, rather than when you’re just in the classroom.” 

When Myers was teaching, he didn’t know what was going on in the school. However, now he has more ability to know what is happening in the school and getting to pop into classrooms to see how the students are doing.

“Here I can walk around and visit, see what’s going on all around the school,” Myers said. “I think those two tings are the things I like most about this job.”