Soccer takes the win against Trinity Academy

Kris Long, Sports Editor

Boys soccer took the win against Trinity Academy away on Thursday 2-0, making them 2-2 this season. The second time MHS has played Trinity, they won 3-2 last year and continued their streak.

“We expected for them to be pretty good,” senior Colton Frieling said. “They were pretty good… just like every game, we go out and just play as hard as we can. Expect every team to be hard.”

MHS came out strong from the beginning, scoring both their goals in the first half. Senior Cole Schmitt had the opener with the assist from senior Connor Turner. Senior Micheal Ohler put them up 2-0 later in the half, dribbling through the Trinity defense and shooting for the corner. 

“We came out there with the mindset to dominate the field right away,” senior Lucas Smith-Caldas said. “And I think we took us a little bit, maybe around like 15, 20, minutes, but as soon as that happened we kicked into gear and then from that on it was our game.”

The second half was scoreless, though MHS kept control of the match. 

“We just dictated the tempo and just played between the two eighteens in the second half,” head coach Mike Sanchez said. “2-0 lead is hard to keep just because one goal they’re right back in it, another it’s tied up, so  difficult goal differential to keep.”

Twice this season, MHS has gone into the second half ahead only to lose the game, but they managed to keep a clean sheet this match with no goals in the second. 

“For the first two games that we lost, I think that we went into it thinking, ‘oh we can we can take care of it’, you know, ‘we don’t have to rush it’,” Smith-Caldas said. “But for this one it was like from the get go we wanted the victory and we want to go undefeated from this game. So we were just attacking them the whole half.”

Manhattan plays Seaman at home at 6:15 p.m. tonight. They narrowly lost to them 1-0 last year and expect a challenge.

“Really, we’re looking for a whole 80 minutes [against Seaman],” Sanchez said. “It’s a big week for us…. we [have] five games in two weeks, so it’s a lot of soccer in a short amount of time. Really just come out from the get go and not not get caught on a hill.”