Volleyball team strikes again

Taryn Robinson, Opinions Editor

Manhattan High volleyball won the Topeka High Topeka West triangular On Sept. 22.

I believe this week we played better,” senior Maggie Adams said. “We improved as a team with our communication and drive to get things done.”

The team also had a tournament with Seaman, Spring Hill, Lansing, and Silver Lake on Sept. 26. They lost against Seaman and Spring Hill, both went 0-2.

I personally think [we] did well,” Adams said. “[Our] communication and defense is improving more and more each game.”

Adams thinks that the team has improved tremendously this season.

“We are a very scrappy team and when our defense and serve receive is on we can execute the ball very well,” Adams said. “[However, the team and I could work on speeding up the plays on our side of the net and making sure to communicate on serve receive.”

The team has indeed improved even though COVID-19 has changed the game as we know it.

“I believe that COVID has changed volleyball,” Adams said. “We are all more cautious of what’s going on around us, especially when we travel…and not being able to have as many supporters watching us. But we are still so happy to have the opportunity to play this season and hope to continue playing for the rest of our season ahead.”

The varsity’s next volleyball meet is tomorrow at Hayden High School at 5:00 pm. They will compete in a triangular against Hayden and Junction City’s varsity teams.