Debate places third at Olathe Northwest


MaKayla Clarksnodgrass, Photo Editor

Debate continued its online season at the Olathe Northwest Invitational this weekend, where Manhattan High placed third overall out of 30 teams.

Freshmen Anvesha Sharda and Connor Buchanan participated in the Junior Varsity division this weekend for the first time this season. The pair had previously participated in the Novice division this season.

“Connor and I didn’t really get the outcome we expected or hoped for, I guess, but I think it was a good challenge,” Sharda said.

This was a challenge for the pair as this was the first time they competed in J.V.,rather than Novice. Due to absence of the Novice division, Sharda and Buchanan competed against students who were more experienced than them. The same issue arose with freshman Jordyn West and junior Carissa Brandt, whose first tournament of the season was this weekend.

“J.V.’s definitely been a step up but I think it’s been a good step up so far,” Buchanan said.

Junior Sam DeLong and sophomore Annabelle Jung made their way to elimination rounds this weekend. The pair lost with a 2-1 decision from the judges.

Senior KJ Jones and sophomore Greyson Hickel placed eighth in the open division. Jones was the sixth best speaker. Junior Megan Long was the eighth best speaker.

The students have adapted to the online platform for the most part. Occasional technical issues arose during the tournament, from not hearing the opponent to being muted.

“This was our very first tournament,” West said. “And we were really proud of ourselves. We had, in the third round, we started having some technical difficulties.”

West and Brandt placed sixth overall in the J.V. division. 

“This establishes a precedent that we can go much further than even I had initially suspected at the beginning of the school year,” head coach Mac Phrommany said. “So, very proud of this group and very proud of how this tournament worked out for all of us.”

Debate will meet next weekend at the Wichita East Invitational.