Artist of the week: Maddy McCracken, Sophomore

Lasirra Hines, Entertainment Editor

What is the art class you take?

I’m doing Drawing and Painting 1


Do you have any achievements with your art works?

I have a couple of my pieces hung up at an art show. One in Utah for Zentangle and I think in sixth grade one of my pieces was hung up at the museum here near K-State for a little exhibit.


You participated in Early expression, what was interesting about that?

I did it in sixth grade and I was actually sick that day, so my art teacher then just picked a random piece of mine and submitted it. When it was hanging up at the museum near K-State, I went and took some pictures. That was pretty cool.


Do you have any goals for your art?

I don’t want art to be my profession. I think it’s a really cool hobby, and I just love doing art.I’m hoping to do AP Art once I get all the prereqs out of the way.


Are there any pieces you are proud of?

A couple acrylic pieces I did at home that are pretty cool if I say so myself.