Artist of the week: Jenna Keeley (junior, chamber orchestra)

Lasirra Hines, Entertainment Editor

What instrument and what chair?

I play the violin, and third chair.


Do you have any competitions you’re in?

So we do district or regional orchestra so we just tried out for that. And then we also have state orchestra, so if you make regionals then you can audition for state.


Have you won any of those in the past?

Last year I was the regional concert master. And then I was in state orchestra.


What do you like about playing the violin?

I think it’s a cool way to connect with your peers, be able to play with them and make music with them. It’s also a cool emotional outlet.


What got you into playing the violin?
I actually have five older siblings who played violin so it was kind of something that all of us did, so that’s how I got into it


What goals do you have for orchestra?

Just to make state orchestra again.