Eating Habits

Cole Schmitt, Online Editor-and-Chief

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, students are making a habit of eating more or less than they did before. Some wanted to record what they were eating, and some were the opposite by eating more. Either way, the virus definitely affected the norm for Manhattan High students.

“I’d say I don’t snack much as I used to. I tried to crack down on the snacking,” senior Isabel Chavez said. “I think I ate less, less snacks, because I didn’t want to get all fat.”

While Chavez ate less during quarantine, senior Gabe Effiong was in the category of eating more. He said it’s not the best idea but was hard being at home all day.

“Since the pandemic, I eat a lot more,” Effiong said. “I’ve gained a lot of weight. I eat meals and I snack a lot. I think why is I was just home all the time and I was around food.”

Some, like senior Brett Wilcoxson, say the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for his eating habit. He is now saving more money than ever and eating better. 

“Before the pandemic started, I used to eat out a lot and spend tons of money on different restaurants every week,” Wilcoxson said. “Then when [COVID-19] hit, I started eating better and didn’t spend very much money eating out. When life goes back to normal I am going to try my best to continue the good habit of not spending very much money on going out to eat.” 

It was a common theme to see many students at home 24/7 during quarantine. As things slowly return to normal, the habits are getting better.

“At the beginning of quarantine my eating habits were not that good because I was stuck at home so I probably ate more,” senior Ellie Hacker. “When things get back to normal I think my eating habits will as well. The sense of normalcy will help me with it.”