Students make district honors

Despite current conditions, students receive outstanding results.

Lasirra Hines, Entertainment Editor

A congratulations is in order for these students who made the district honors. [Insert info from Gittle]

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In the District Honors Choir, Jamis Keithley made it for Bass One and Hayden Holmberg for Bass Two, Emily Ward for Alto One and Alissa Kohls for Alto Two, Anthony Belin for Tenor One and Desiree Cain and Josephine Summers for Soprano Two.

In the District Honors Orchestra, there were many students that made it to the honors. In violin, Julius Neumann, Carly Yi, Jenna Keeley, Ava Chae, John Auckley, Aubrey Topham, Lillian Brooks-Kanost, Madison Hsu, Richelle Collado, Allina Dougherty, Josh Fan, Jarvin Gomez, Arianna Snell, Annissa Dougherty, Eva Pickering, Hannah Loub, Eadon Marstall and Elise Girard. 

In Violas, Damian Ilalio, Audrey Parish, Eva Bahr, Eli Eickhoff and Min-Hee Koo, 

In cellos, Thomas Loub, Jacob Choi, Lydia Brox, Olivia Parish, Olivia Payne, Emily Topham, Lydia Wyatt and Matthew Kelley

In bass, Gabe Katzenmeier and Kiersten Juergensmeyer. 

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In the District Honors Band, we have many students as well who did very well making it to honors. Starting off with first chairs, we have Grace Higgins for Piccolo, Kathryn Pittman for Flute, Neo Kim for Alto Saxophone, Ashlyn Cassel for Euphonium and Kathryn Borthwick for Tuba. In second chair, Isabel Porres made it for Alto Saxophone and Megan Wuggazer for Oboe. For third chair, Zachary Paquette for Trumpet and Aspn Tallent for French Horn. In fourth chair, John Woods for Clarinet. In fifth chair, Bernice Poulter made it for Clarinet, Sean Anderson for Alto Saxophone and Joe Hargett for Trombone. Tanner McIntosh made it in sixth chair for Trumpet and Madelyn McCracken made it in eighth chair for Flute.

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